Thursday, July 8, 2010

72 ancient tombs unearthed in Guangzhou

Tombs area of 7 800 square meters

Ma Jianguo, Guangzhou Institute of Archaeology, the staff said this was the reform and opening up, following the old cement plant in Guangzhou after the archaeological excavations, ancient tombs found in Guangzhou west once more.

Tombs located in West Bay Road, a locomotive depot for affordable housing construction to. Started in June last year, archaeologists will continually excavated from the site on the Western Han Dynasty, Han Dynasty, Jin Dynasty, Southern Dynasties, the Tang Dynasty (Southern Han) the period of ancient tombs, Tombs total area of 7 800 square meters. The excavation of the tombs currently nearing completion.

Celadon gained fine shape

Yesterday afternoon, reporters found at the site of several dug graves exposed in a red rectangular pits, has uncovered 34 to assemble a row of pots and mud-brick tomb unearthed ancient relics such as, There are two small pots intact.

The construction site, archaeologists also showed reporters dozens of pieces of excavated cultural relics, respectively, bronze mirrors, pottery and other grave goods, and pottery housing estates, pottery burial objects storage class is a physical model.

"The artifacts found in quite ordinary, but there are also exciting discovery." Ma Jianguo said the stone from the Eastern Jin Dynasty tomb discovered in a tomb celadon gained, "shape fine, well preserved enamel, device shaped full, rare. "reporter saw showed cocoon of its both ends a little drum, in the lumbar micro-grabbing, round mouth, was the tiger's head shape, the limbs to bend forward, working really fine.

Found in Yan in the second largest in Guangzhou

The also found a Tang Yan in, "This is the second largest Yan in Guangzhou, the largest archaeological collection Yan in being." Ma Jianguo said.

"Compared to before the excavation, this is more delicate texture, with a material particular. Interestingly, last September, when unearthed, a small bronze forceps mounted on the inside, and it also see the light." Ma Jianguo said.

Tombs excavation serious

Robber who dug deep enough to leave hundreds of full graves

The clearing out of old tombs from the Han to the Tang Dynasty cross, with over a thousand years of history. The layers of different times of grave, another break, forming a complex tomb has become a major feature of Tombs.

"The excavation unearthed the tomb of a serious, but relatively speaking, is a relatively complete pit tombs were retained, so the unearthed bronze mirrors, porcelains have a lot of very complete, very hard." Municipal Archaeological experts to Ma Jianguo said.

The excavation of the tombs are of medium size, from the brick tomb and the tomb are two types of civil component.

Ma Jianguo told reporters, according to the tomb on the cemetery can be seen playing Daodong has been stolen too. "Most of the brick tombs have been stolen signs."

"But thanks to a number of stupid thief did not dig deep down, still retains the integrity of dozens of pit tomb." Ma Jianguo said that "This shows that the Lingnan region Tomb relatively stupid, Wamu is not deep enough . Fortunately, this way, more than 460 sets of unearthed cultural relics there are many more well kept, very rare. "he said laughing.

It is understood that after the corrosion pit tomb integrated soil, some 78 meters deep tomb, while the stone tomb of material easily scattered on the surface, generally shallow, and some graves from the surface only a few dozen centimeters.

Tomb large grave goods buried by the rich and the more expensive

Archaeological claims, along West Bay Road, the old locomotive depot in Guangzhou feng shui treasure land burial

"This find all the graves, there are no wells, pits, room location and other relics. For the old west suburb of Guangzhou another feng shui treasure." Ma Jianguo, this is the western suburbs of Guangzhou City, a rare burial area The distinctive features: 72 tombs, the stone tomb, and about half the number of pit tomb.

Several of them pit tomb, there are four columns around the hole, originally planted stakes to prop up the graves.

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