Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shandong world's first 3D TV program

World's first 3D TV series "Journey to the West Wu Cheng-en and" broadcast the day before yesterday at Shandong. Of the audience reflected the Monkey King Bar Monkey King almost out of the TV screen, fly front, address him enjoyable.
According to Xinhua, the drama of a total of 50,000 seconds of computer graphics, three-dimensional images nearly 40,000 seconds, about 10 minutes play each episode's story need to wear 3D glasses to watch.

Shandong Qilu TV channels free of charge before the release of the 5 million 3D glasses, another joint advertising by way of bonus to the Shandong market 30 million 3D glasses.

TIER producer said in an interview: "3D TV the next big market potential, this is an inevitable trend," Wu Cheng-en and the Journey to the West, "the film attracted the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and other countries of the production company to come observe and learn. "

He said, 3D television on the subject of considerable constraints, such as modern drama, costume drama is not suitable for 3D, God of drama, opera and other martial arts action role will weight more suitable.

It is reported that the play has been solid, Belgium International Film Festival the first full-length award.

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