Thursday, July 1, 2010

what happen to The Little Mermaid?


Expo Denmark Pavilion "harbor" in the Little Mermaid, as has been the favorite attractions tourists. However, after closing the small pool of people the U.S. Fish is the big picture of what it? Today, more than 1 am, when users open a Mr. Shi called "mermaid swap" devices synchronized camera watching The Little Mermaid, they were ordered to see the scene of amusement as well: Some people are Little Mermaid swimming pool, they not only climbed the statue U.S. mermaid intimate contact, is also playing a moment happy diving.

Original, surviving Bodan Mai Station Lane have a surveillance camera lens, as the works of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei "Mermaid exchange" part of this camera over the network during the exhibition period, simultaneously broadcast without interruption to the real-time video The Little Mermaid and the home of Danish Little Mermaid is the location of the original broadcast live on the LED display.

Today, more than 1 am, when the East open this site users Sze chance to prepare for hosting the Games glimpse of The Little Mermaid when they saw someone swimming pool in the Little Mermaid, he then recorded with a screenshot of this screen. According to Mr. Shi said that initially he only saw a man in the pool, soon the water appeared a woman too. They play in the water for a while, then climb on the swing style Little Mermaid statue, and then also playing the diving pool are also a few yellow inflatable floating floating bed.

Screenshot from the video seen in only two swimmers, field staff at least two bystanders. From time to judge, these "night visitor" is likely to be venue staff, in the same pond clean-up work carried out with the Little Mermaid as a "close contact", but they obviously did not know there are camera's " installation art, "this matter, but do not know their every move has been shot down immediately, and has been sharp-eyed netizens found.

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